Course Categories

Regular Course: Our 15 lesson course, plus free access to our regular lectures in Nairobi. We’ll soon be organizing weekend workshops in towns outside Nairobi depending on the demand. Regular Course fee – Sh10,000

Premium Course:   Premium Course will get you the 15 lessons, free access to our regular lectures in Nairobi, plus one-one-coaching sessions, including online chatting with the tutor. Premium Course students will also be assisted to complete their manuscripts within six months of their enrollment. Fee – Sh25,000

Mentorship Programme: This One Year programme is open to The Write Academy students and anyone else.  Under Mentorship Programme we help you complete that manuscript you are working on.  Fee – Sh60,000.  If you have taken Premium or Regular course, you pay the difference.

Special Secondary School Holiday Course:

This is a two week course specially designed for high school students, or recently form Four school leavers. The course is held every April, August and December.

Intersted persons and groups could also ask for the course outside these times.  Fee – Sh5,000.

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