Some tips on writing – borrowed from Melissa Donovan

1: Read more fiction than you write. The more you read others’ work the more you develop your own, since we learn from what we see, and hear. Of course you will not be required to write like the authors whose works you read, but this will help you discover your own style and ‘voice.’

2: When reading or writing, don’t lock yourself in one genre. Step outside your favourite genre occasionally.

3: Dissect and analyze stories you love from books, movies and television to find what works in storytelling and what doesn’t. I get some of my own book ideas from a scene from a movie, or a line in a book, or story.

4: Remember you can’t be a writer without actually sitting down writing. Without doing this it will all be wishful thinking. As someone said, the credence of all writers is: “Butt in chair, fingers on keyboard.”

5: Don’t write for the market. Tell the story that’s in your heart. Sometimes, and most of the times, the market might disappoint you, but a good story told from the heart can do wonders.

6: Sketch, or outline of your story can be done before, during or after you finish your rough draft. It provides you with a roadmap, which is a mighty powerful tool to have at your disporsal.

7: You don’t really need an outline. Give a discovery writing a try.

8: Some of the best fiction comes from real life. Jot down stories that interest you whether you hear from them from a friend or read them in a news article. It could be your own personal story – something that happened to you.


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