Want to be a writer? The Write Academy is here!

So you want to be a writer? Maybe you are already one but you have not started writing, because, as many budding writers say, they do not know how to do it. You might have a story, a whole story, or many of them but they are stuck in your mind and you have no clue about how pen them and bring them out of the system.

Relax; Inspired Kenya and Nefrica Publicity  have joined hands to bring you a unique Creative Writing School to assist you in organizing your ideas and transforming them into a flowing story, which could become your dream best seller. It does not matter if you are planning to do an anthology (collection) of short stories, or publish a novel.

The Write Academy will not stop there, but if, and when requested, we will help you self publish your manuscript and achieve your dream of having your name on the cover of a fascinating novel, or book.