The Academy is here

The Write Academy is finally here.

Through my many years as a writer, I have come across many people who have asked me how they could become writers. I usually answer: “By writing.”

This may be simplistic response, but honestly you can not be a driver if you dont drive. You can not be a preacher if you don’t preach, or if you cant preach.

The question can be re framed: How do I start? Another simplistic answer is, “by starting.”

Yes. Starting.

We have thousands of soon-to-be writers out there who are trapped by procrastination. They are always almost starting to write their best sellers. Soon.

There are others who may not be victims of procrastination, but they simply do not know how to start. They have the story done and complete in their minds, and have even jotted here and there but somehow they cant put it together, despite the fact that they feel, in their heart of heart that they have the talent, only that it needs to be honed.

Over the years, I have helped budding writers to with their manuscripts, and some of them have been quite exciting.

It is for this reason that we have launched The Write Academy, where from our wealth of practical experience, we shall share with those keen to sharpen their writing skills, and eventually stand out proudly at the launch of their books.

Apart from giving a 15 lesson course, we shall offer other services, such as mentor ship, editing and publishing, and even taking autobiographical assignments.

Welcome to The Write Academy, and lets take this journey together.


4 Responses to “The Academy is here

  • Samwel Ndibah
    10 months ago

    Am in it, mind, body and soul

    • Thanks Samwel, looking forward to a successful future

  • David Njuguna
    10 months ago

    Say, no more, you had me by the time you started talking about, start writing…..