The Course

The 15-lesson course is offered by Patrick Ngugi, the managing director of Nefrica Publicity, on behalf of Inspired Kenya. Patrick is a veteran journalist, an author of several novels and also a poet. Over a period he has giving consultancy and lessons on individual basis on Creative Writing.

The course is given through regular lectures in Nairobi, but can also be given online for those who wish to do distance learning. Regular lectures and weekend workshops will also be organized in other towns soon.

The course is aimed at equipping the student with the skill needed to become a good if not a better writer. It will show you the areas in which you need to improve, and also give you the basics that you need to pay attention to as you build your writing career.

We will share with you the tips and tricks that have been used by many successful writers. Following the lessons and carrying out the exercises given, will sharpen your writing skills, and hopefully also open to new ways of doing things that you hadn’t known about previously.

Just in a nutshell, the course will take you through:

  • Stopping wishful thinking and starting to write
  • Moving your story from the mind to the paper
  • Different types of genres.
  • Points of Views
  • The Voice
  • Theme & Plot
  • Characterization
  • Description and Dialogue
  • Dealing with the Writers block
  • Reviewing and editing and tips
  • Getting published

Apart from the lectures, students will be  able to have an online chat with the tutor through the social media platform, in order to answer their burning questions, as he takes you through the course.

After you are through with the course The Academy will guide you to writing and publishing your book through our Guidance and Mentor ship programme if you so wish. Details for this are published in Course Categories” page on this site.


This depends time and dedication of the student. One can go through the regular course in less than two months. The more involving Premium course can take between three to six months, during which The Academy will assist the willing student to complete a manuscript. However the student is allowed to go at his or her own pace. Since the student may want to put in practice what they are learning, some lessons may take longer than others, but all in all one should not take more than three months.

Special weekend & holiday seminars

We also offer special tailor-made weekend seminars to groups interested in learning the tricks of the trade and hearing from professionals. The charges for this will be negotiated, depending time and place.

For more details about these courses and their fees click Course Catetories.