We want to write, but there is no time…

Don’t have time?

This is one of the one of the most common reason – nay – excuse many a would be writer give.

They cite the 8 – 5 job or business, Monday to Friday, and sometimes Saturday. If you are free on Saturday, there is the housework to do, relaxation, soap operas to watch; or going to parties or out with the boys – or girls.

Come Sunday and if you are the religious sort, there is the church to attend, more outing, visiting and shopping; then by the time you are back you are exhausted, and before you know it, it is evening and there is more soap to watch, catch up with the news; have supper and doze off on the seat before sleep walking to the bedroom.

Monday blues follow the next day… there is the traffic to beat as you go back to work and other weekday chores, and the routine is repeated week by week. So, honestly you wonder, how can one get some sane time to sit down and do their writing?

Sadly you will have to wait until when time will become available. Hopefully, that time will come in the twilight years when you finally retire, and say bye to the 8-5 job; time when there shall be no traffic to beat, and mercifully, maybe there will be someone else to do the household chores.

Yes… continue with the rat race and wait until that time comes or… get lucky and be bitten by the writers’ bug. When this bug bites, time can’t help it, but it will just create itself and fall onto your lap.

Alternatively, you will have to struggle and find time and start your writing, or forget writing and publishing that book. By now it must have gathered heavy cobwebs in the corners of your mind, anyway.

So, how do we create time? This you can learn when you take our course at the Write Academy. However, one author suggests that we can create time be getting rid of some useless things we waste time doing. She got rid of her TV. How much time do you spend on watching telly?

The countless hours she wasted in front of the TV now she utilizes in writing. Then she added another two hours for her writing by waking up at 5am and write until 7am when she would stop and prepare to go to work.

There are many time creating ideas you can find yourself. For example, how much time you spend on social media? Face book is one notorious stealer of time. If you are using a computer that has internet, put off the internet until you finish the task.

Again, you can schedule your writing time so that it does not just come when you are in the mood. You can start with half an hour per day of nothing but writing your novel or planning one. You will soon find the 30 minutes are not enough, and you will find yourself doing an hour.

Alternatively if you do not want to dedicate thirty minute, more, you can dedicate a page or two or let’s say a number of words… such as 1000 words a day.

If you write 500 words a day for a month, that works out to 15000 words. The size of a novella – a small novel. It goes without saying that if you did 1000 words a day that will give you 30,000 words, a medium sized novel.

How much time would it take you to write 1000 words?


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